ASTR 302: Python for Astronomy


  • When: 2:30p-3:50p, Tue & Thu, Winter quarter 2017-2018
  • Where: PAB B360 (Physics-Astronomy Building, 3rd Floor)


  • Enrollment: 10 max
  • Credits: 3
  • Prerequisites: ASTR 300
  • Syllabus: see here


ASTR 497 (to become ASTR 302 in subsequent quarters), “Python for Astronomy”, is a new course designed to teach how to effectively use Python for research and astronomical data analysis. We begin with a gentle introduction to key tools and libraries used in astronomy, use these to analyze data (from kilobytes to tens of gigabytes!), visualize (sometimes large) datasets, automate analyses, and apply what we’ve learned to reproduce results of some key astronomy papers.

This course assumes the knowledge of Python and related astronomy libraries at the ASTR 300 level. It will give you the broad foundation needed to proceed to “ASTR 324: Introduction to AstroStatistics and Big Data in Astronomy”, or ASTR 497 “Big Data in Astronomy: Hands-on with Large Surveys”, or independent research projects.