ASTR 511: Galaxies as Galaxies (Winter 2017)

Presented by Mario Jurić and Željko Ivezić.


  • When: 2:20-3:40, Tue & Thu, Winter quarter 2016-2017
  • Where: PAB B305 (Physics-Astronomy Building, 3rd Floor, eastern end of the hallway)


In this class we will:

  1. Learn about why we study galaxies in general, and the Milky Way in particular. We’ll overview of the most relevant literature, galaxy formation theories, galaxy dynamics, and connection to dark matter.
  2. Hear about the current research in galactic astronomy, including discussion of the expected observational and theoretical progress for the next decade.
  3. Solve practical problems through hands-on seminars, with emphasis on numerical methods and data mining, and using modern software engineering tools.
  4. Get training to give professional talks.